Aviation equipment supply and maintenance and repair services

Aviation radio-electronic equipment:

  • Engine and transmission monitoring devices;
  • Control devices of the hydraulic system;
  • Air system monitoring devices;
  • Electronic control and measuring devices;
  • Flight and navigation devices;
  • Radio communication equipment;
  • Radio navigation equipment;
  • Power source;
  • Protection system of regulation;
  • Systems for recording voice information and flight parameters;
  • De-icing systems.


  • The main rotor hub;
  • Swashplate;
  • Tail shaft;
  • Steering screw bushing;
  • Intermediate gearbox;
  • Propeller shaft fan drive;
  • Fan;
  • Tail gear.

Aircraft systems:

  • Hydraulic system;
  • Air system;
  • Fuel system;
  • Oil system;
  • Fire protection system;
  • Air-heat de-icing system;
  • Air cooling system.


  • Main rotor blades;
  • Tail rotor blades.

Expendable material:

  • Electrical and radio products;
  • Rubber-technical products;
  • Hardware products;
  • Filters;
  • Cotter pins and control wire;
  • Aviation sleeves.

Ground handling systems

Techenergo-Group LLC offers a wide range of GSE (Ground Support Equipment) for maintenance, testing aircraft and performing work on Mi-2, Mi-8, Mi-17, Mi-26, Ka-32 helicopters, as well as Russian-made aircrafts.