Aviation equipment supply and maintenance and repair services

Dr. Evgeny Zakharov,
Member of the Board of Directors,
Director General of Techenergo-Group LLC.

Dr. Zakharov graduated from the Leningrad Military Space Engineering Academy by Mozhaisky in 1983 with a gold medal. He is PhD, author of 14 inventions and more than 50 scientific research. He was a director of M/s “ITERA-Rus”, “ITERA-Impex”, and ITC “GazIndustry”. From 2004 to 2008, Dr. Zakharov was a Director of M/s “Energy Bridge Corporation Pvt Ltd”, Pakistan, the operator of a implementation of expander-generator equipment in the gas transmission system of Pakistan.

He has been working in the TECHENERGO group of companies since 2013.

Евгений Захаров
Dr. Evgeny Zakharov